A Fault-Tolerant Batch Verification Scheme for Cloud Assisted VANETs

Fei-fei DAI, Ming-xing LUO, Yuan-fei ZHANG


Vehicular ad hoc network (VANET) has been brought out to revolutionize driving experiences and traffic flow control systems. In a VANET, roadside units (RSUs) are usually used to collect messages sent by nearby vehicles, which may include status information of vehicles and emergency events. Currently, batch verification is considered as an effective approach to verify these messages in VANETs. However, in existing batch verification scheme, the batch verification fails even one of the signed messages is invalid. In this paper, we introduce an efficient identity-based fault-tolerant batch verification scheme for cloud assisted VANETs.


Security, Privacy, Fault-tolerant, Batch verification, Vehicular ad hoc network



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