A Modified Mixture Rules for Mie-Grüneisen Mixture Model

Zong-Duo WU, Jin YAN, Zhi ZONG, Ji HUANG, Yun GAO


The Mie-Grüneisen mixture model can be conveniently used in multicomponent flow. However, the mixture rules in the original model can’t distinguish components at the interface. That cause abnormal transition near the interface. To solve this problem, a modified mixture rules which based on mass fraction is used here. And three non-conservative equations are added here to keep the pressure equilibrium condition. Comparing with the original mixture rules, the transition form at the interface is revised and the curve of sound speed is optimized. With the help of the modified rules, the times steps in calculation are reduced. Moreover, for spherical coordinate system, the modified mixture rules not only save steps but also get more accurate solution.



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