A Low Power High Energy Efficiency Flexible Programmable Gain Amplifier for RF Transceiver Circuits

Zhi-qing GENG, Xiao-jin MA, Zuo-peng LI


A low power high energy efficiency flexible programmable gain amplifier (PGA) was presented, of which the bandwidth/power can be configured over a wide range. The optimal configuration of power consumption which gives high energy efficiency is achieved through a novel constant bandwidth technique. The proposed PGA was implemented in 130nm CMOS process, the post simulation results show that the power consumption is from 0.13mA to 1.66mA from 1.2V power supply, the bandwidth can be configured from 2.3MHz to 15.8MHz, and the gain range can be programmed from -6dB to 20dB with a gain step of 2dB. The designed PGA can be widely used in multi-frequency and multi-mode RF transceiver circuits.


Programmable gain amplifier, PGA, Bandwidth, Low power



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