A BDS/GPS Combination Weighting Method Based on a Weighted DPOP

Li ZHOU, Yi-jun LIU


In order to improve the accuracy of BDS/GPS integrated positioning, and study on the reason of the positioning error in satellite positioning, learning that the location accuracy mainly comes from two aspects: One is the spatial geometric distribution of observation satellite, and other is the equivalent ranging error, therefore, the paper proposes a method of BDS/GPS combination weighting based on a weighted DPOP. Based on the a priori weighting, the method is combined with the geometric space distribution of satellite and the error factors of equivalent distance to adjust the weights, and it is used by the measured data of BDS/GPS dual-mode receiver to verify the method, The results show that the accuracy is higher than that the prior weighting and the posteriori weighting in the x and h directions.


Bei Dou navigation satellite system (BDS), Transcendental weight method, PDOP calculation, Random model


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