Wind Driving Triboplasma Luminescence Unit: Tribological Design of Phototaxis Trapping Photosource for Agricultural Pest-insects Control

Qiang ZHOU, Jian-chao WANG, Zhi-hua FANG


The high intensity triboplama emission of N2 and N2+Ar gases in the quartz glass-tube is determined by using reciprocating sliding friction between PTFE and quartz glass-tube, at same time, the surface smooth finishing PTFE is verified to have more promoting effect on the gas shortwave triboplasma emission with 290nm-440nm spectrum. Based on the dielectric characteristic of friction pair, the annular quartz tube and surface finishing PTFE are designed to constitute the rotating sliding friction pair of triboplasma luminescence emission, and the triboplasma emission unit with three stacking layer friction pairs constructure is fabricated and drived using S-type vertical shaft wind turbine. The triboplasma emission unit is tested by means of blast blower driving and the three layer triboplasma emission with blue-violet spectrum is obtained.


Wind driving, Triboplasma, Luminescence unit, Tribological design, Stacking layer structure



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