A Method for Evaluating the Dynamic Sealing Efficiency of Underground Gas Storage Reconstructed by Aquifer

Tuanhui Liu, Yuhong Du, Hui Zhang, Shuaiqi Zhou, Dong Li, Cuijuan Shang, Yani Wang, Fan Zhang, Houbing Wang


There are very few living examples of engineering test cases in domestic aquifer underground gas storage construction, however, engineering test analysis can greatly reduce the risk of evaluation. This paper systematically introduced interference well test method application of aquifer gas storage construction in Huabei oilfield, and take the target of the D5 aquifer construction in Jizhong depression as an example to analyze the reasonable water injection, excited period and interference test results. Interference well test result shows that the target cap rock of D5 aquifer is sealed, the fault vertical sealing ability is good, the sealing condition of the reservoir is provided, and also the horizontal connectivity of the reservoir is good. The research results are directive and with reference value for the construction of aquifer underground gas storage in China.


Aquifer, Underground gas storage, Sealing ability, Interference well test



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