A Method of Position Precision Investigation Based on Large Pointcloud Data in Topography Survey

Dafu Zhang, Jing Zhang, Jili Yao, Keli Liu, Tongle Xu


Due to the disordered irregularity of the 3D laser scanning point cloud, the homonymy points of the checkpoint cannot be determined, so the repeated measurement comparison method and the comparison method of different mapping methods cannot be used for position precision investigation of 3D laser scanning topography survey. Therefore, a proposition in this paper is that the proximal-point method is used to detect the position precision of 3D laser scanning topography survey, which realizesthat the point of the same name is replaced by the point closest to the checkpoint in the dense point cloud, and calculate the position precision of the plane and elevation firstly; in addition, find the homonymy points from the super-large point cloud with more than 100 million points. Experiments show that the proposed method can detect the position precision of 3D laser scanning topography survey in ordinary computers.


Large Pointcloud; Proximal-Point Method; Position Precision; Precision Detection



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