A Double Deck Beef Cattle Special Trailer with Hydraulic Tailboard

Miao-sen WANG, Hong-mei ZHANG, Yan-yan FAN, Wan-zhang WANG


It is the China production pattern that beef cattle bred north and then were transported down south for growing up. With the lack of transport vehicles for beef cattle, they have to suffer much from rugged environments during the long-distance transportation. Jarring and scaring vehicles, shortages of drinking and other such unfavorable factors make cattle in vehicles develop the symptom of physiological stress, so-called transport stress syndrome of beef cattle (TSSBC), and even die, causing huge economic losses to animal husbandry enterprises. This paper raises a goose-neck double-deck enclosed semi-trailer with the length of 13m special for beef cattle based on investigates on animal transportation technologies domestic and abroad. Fans and blinds were set in both sides of the wagon box to air the room, while power-driven scaling tarpaulin on the top functions to protect beef cattle inside from sunshine and rain. And more, innovative design of the vertical lifting and falling hydraulic tailboard make it easy to achieve independently loading and unloading of beef cattle free from more help.


Beef cattle, Stress syndrome, Trailer, Tailboard

Publication Date

2016-11-17 00:00:00



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