A Memristor-based Colpitts Like Oscillator

Hongmin Deng, Dongping Wang


A simple circuit based on a memristor and constructed from colpitts oscillator is investigated in this paper. The evolutions of impedance and current-voltage characteristics of the memristor are studied, the phase trajectories of the state variables in this circuit are presented, and the bifurcation diagrams with different parameters and initial conditions of memristor are illustrated. With the variances of the circuit parameters and the initial conditions of memristor, the circuit shows different dynamic behaviors such as period, period doubling bifurcation, chaos, etc. And there coexist periodic windows in some regions of chaos. Numerical simulation results depict how the dynamic properties are dependent on the circuit parameters and initial conditions of the memristor in detail. Moreover, the circuit shows some colpitts like and unlike oscillating properties. Finally, the circuit simulating experiment and conclusion are carried out in this paper.


Memristor; Colpitts; Oscillator; Chaos

Publication Date

2016-11-18 00:00:00



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