A Matlab Program for Fourier Analysis and Evaluation on Mineral Aggregate Morphological Features

Fangyuan Gong, Yu Liu, Zhanping You, Shun Yao


In order to improve fundamental understanding and facilitate evaluation of mineral aggregate morphological characteristics, this paper herein presents a Fourier analysis approach through a newly-developed Matlab program. In this research, basalt aggregates of 4.75mm were selected and scanned to obtain the X-ray CT images. With the Matlab program, aggregate X-ray CT images were processed and the twodimensional geometric parameters of individual images were directly computed. Those parameters include the Fourier function, Fourier Form Index (FFI), Fourier Angularity Index (FAI), Fourier Texture Index (FTI), shape fluctuation index (ψ), and so on. Through the imaging process and analysis, it was observed that 1) in the aggregate scanning process, introducing a recyclable scanning box was high-efficiency, good energy-saving and environment friendly; 2) the newly-developed Matlab program was very convenient in performing analysis of two-dimensional images; 3) from this program, aggregate characteristics could be analyzed and evaluated by the above two-dimensional parameters directly from aggregate images.


Mineral Aggregates; Fourier Analysis; X-ray CT; MATLAB



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