A Model of Calculating the Charging Demands of Electric Vehicles in Running Based on Large Sample Size of Highway Transportation Data

Zhen-chao XIE, Dao-hong LIN, Xin-shu WAN, Wang-cheng ZHU, Tao-bei LIN, Li-xing CHEN


To satisfy the travelling demands of large scale of electric vehicle (EV) in intercity highway, a model of calculating the charging demands of EVs running in highway is built. In this model, the driving speed, maximum driving distance, the remaining capacity of batteries, geographic information of road sections and charging stations (CS), spot price and the capacity of chargers for EVs running in highway are all considered. By introducing charging willing of users, a queuing algorithm is used to solve the model built and the waiting time of each CS in the road sections that EVs plan to run. Experimental results show the model is adopted to design a reasonable charging plan according to users’ willing.


Highway, Large sample size of transportation data, Electric vehicle, Calculating model of charging demands.



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