A Low Power Bandgap Voltage Reference with Nonlinear Voltage Curvature Compensation

Shuowei Jin, Zhenni Li, Jingjiao Li, Aixia Wang


The reference voltage source is the main part both in the analog and mixed-signal integrated circuits. A good reference voltage source can provide a stable voltage for the circuit, so that the system can work stable accurately. This paper describes a low power bandgap voltage reference with second order compensated, which utilizes a Kujik bandgap reference as the first order curvature correction and adding second order non-linear voltage compensation. The presented circuit is implemented in a 0.18μm CMOS technology, and the voltage supply (VDD) is 1.8V. Piecewise curvature compensation is employed to reduce the temperature coefficient of the bandgap reference from 465ppm/°C to 5.5ppm/°C, with a temperature range –45~85°C. The circuit works under the condition of 27 °C, the output of the reference voltage is 1.207 V. The total current consumption of the whole bandgap is 11.69μA, the total area of the layout is 0.10132mm2 and the power supply rejection ratio is -63dB.


low power; bandgap voltage reference; second order compensated



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