A MILP Approach to Accommodate More Wind Generation in Distribution Networks

Yue-chun LV, Dong-xiao WANG, Rui-lin XU, Xiao-dan GAO, Xin XU, Hai-jun REN, Feng-ji LUO


Distribution networks with renewable energy encounter two challenges. One is that during the peak load, generation is normally low or zero and it will cause the voltage drop. Meanwhile, during peak generation period, the generated power will exceed the load and be injected to the grid, which will cause the voltage rise. This paper proposes a MILP (Mixed Integer Linear Programming) approach to accommodate more wind generation in distribution networks. Optimal system contains battery energy storage system (BESS), wind power, external grid, critical load and controllable load. By coordinating the states of controllable load, battery and wind power direction, the objective to minimize the total cost from grid can be reached. Detailed case study is given to demonstrate the feasibility of this approach.


Distribution networks, Controllable load, Thermal inertia, MILP approach, Wind power penetration



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