A Method of Setting Magnetic Field Device Based on Magnetic Nano-tumor Thermotherapy

Ji-ming MA, Wei-na YUE, Ri-jian SU, Zhong-zhou DU, Sheng-nan GUO, De-guang MENG


In this paper, a new method to set up the static magnetic field of the targeted magnetic fluid hyperthermia is presented based on the study of magnetic nanoparticles and biological heat transfer mechanism. Magnetic field generating system consists of 8 coils, deployed in the lesions of the peripheral symmetric space, the principle is to heat magnetic nanoparticles by high frequency alternating magnetic field, which kills the cancer cells, while building a static magnetic field in the periphery of tumor region to protect healthy tissue from harm. The invention can solve the technical problem that the heating area of the hyperthermia structure is not completely controllable.


Magnetic nanoparticles, Static magnetic field, AC magnetic field, Hyperthermia



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