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2018 3rd International Conference on Automation, Mechanical and Electrical Engineering (AMEE 2018) A New Model to Identify and Judge on System States of Large Scale Engineering Project Abstract   PDF
Xue-liang HOU, Yi WANG
International Conference on Physics, Mathematics, Statistics Modelling and Simulation (PMSMS 2018) A New Modeling Method Considering Load Frequency Characteristics Abstract   PDF
International Conference on Mechanical, Electronic and Information Technology (ICMEIT 2018) A New Networking Technique—The Beeline Diagramming Method Abstract   PDF
Seon-Gyoo Kim
Third International Conference on Engineering Technology & Application (ICETA 2016) A New Opposition-based Differential Evolution Variant Based on the Best and Worst Individuals Abstract   PDF
Ye Lei
Third International Conference on Engineering Technology & Application (ICETA 2016) A New Path Planning Method of Obstacle and Singularity Avoidance for Redundant Robot Abstract   PDF
Yubin Liu, Qian Dai
Joint 2016 International Conference on Service Science, Management and Engineering (SSME 2016) and International Conference on Information Science and Technology (IST 2016) A New Perspective on Incredible Growth of CEO-worker Pay Gap: Risk Aversion on Potential Loss of Firm Value Abstract   PDF
Chang-Zheng ZHANG, Yue-Fan LV
2019 International Conference on Advanced Electrical, Mechatronics and Computer Engineering (AEMCE 2019) A New Ratio Statistic to Test Mean Change Point in Long Memory Time Series Abstract   PDF
Qiu-yue WEI, Zhan-shou CHEN, Mu-ci PENG
5th International Conference on Mechanics and Mechatronics (ICMM 2017) A New Reynolds Number (Re) Criterion for Using Newtonian/nonnewtonian Constitutive Models in Blood Flow Simulations Abstract   PDF
Yue ZHOU, Jing-Ying WANG, Zhi-Chao ZHANG, Chun-Hian LEE
International Conference on Service Science, Technology and Engineering (SSTE 2016) A New RF Stealth Performance Evaluation Method Based on PSCP Abstract   PDF
Wen-Tai LEI, Xing DING, Qi ZHANG, Qian-Zhe WANG
2nd International Conference on Mechanical, Electronic and Information Technology Engineering (ICMITE 2016) A New Set of Bernstein Basis Functions with Multiparameter and Applications Abstract   PDF
Caiyong Wang, Ying Zeng, Xiaoming Zeng
International Conference on Information Engineering and Communications Technology (IECT 2016) A New Simulation Model of Rician Fading Channel Abstract   PDF
Xinxin Jin, Yu Zhang, Changyong Pan
2nd International Conference on Mechatronics, Control and Automation Engineering (MCAE 2017) A New Solving Method of Multi-Variables Coupling Problem in Engineering State Diagnosis System Abstract   PDF
Xue-liang HOU, Yi WANG
International Conference on Advanced Manufacture Technology and Industrial Application (AMTIA 2016) A New Supply Service Model for Retail Delivery Businesses Abstract   PDF
International Conference on Manufacturing Construction and Energy Engineering (MCEE 2017) A New Teaching Method for Database Course Based on MOOC Abstract   PDF
International Conference on Applied Mechanics and Mechanical Automation (AMMA 2017) A New Test Case Generation Method Based on Data Flow Graph Abstract   PDF
Ming-cheng QU, Xiang-hu WU, Yong-chao TAO, Guan-nan WANG
2nd International Conference on Applied Mechanics, Electronics and Mechatronics Engineering (AMEME 2017) A New Tightening Device Used for Automobile Differential Mechanism Abstract   PDF
Da-peng MENG, Xin-ye WANG, De-chao ZHENG
2nd International Conference on Industrial Aerodynamics (ICIA 2017) A New Type Alloy-coated Anti-Skid Steel Rail Abstract   PDF
2018 International Conference on Advanced Chemical Engineering and Environmental Sustainability (ICACEES 2018) A New Type of Clay Resistant Polycarboxylate Superplasticizers with a Snowflake-shaped Molecular Structure Abstract   PDF
Jianguo Chen, Shicheng Zhang, Yaqing Jiang, Lin Li, Maixi Zhou, Tao Jiang
2nd International Conference on Test, Measurement and Computation Method (TMCM 2017) A New Type of Measuring Instrument for Shear Modulus of Elasticity Abstract   PDF
Wei-min PAN, Lei ZHANG, Meng-han LI
International Conference on Electronic, Control, Automation and Mechanical Engineering (ECAME 2017) A Nonlinear Chirp Scaling Algorithm for Processing Multi-Receiver SAS Data with Small Squint Angle Abstract   PDF
International Conference on Electrical Engineering and Automation (ICEEA 2016) A No-reference Blur Image Quality Assessment Algorithm Based on Wavelet Singular Value Decomposition Abstract   PDF
Xiao-sheng HUANG, Si-si FU, Yi-qin CAO, Jie SONG
3rd International Conference on Electrical, Control and Automation Engineering (ECAE 2018) A Novel 13-step Diagonal/Sequential Measurement Method for Error Measurement and Compensation of Linear Axis Machining Center Abstract   PDF
2020 2nd International Conference on Advanced Control, Automation and Artificial Intelligence A Novel 5-5.7GHz Low-Power LNA Using Low-Power Techniques Abstract   PDF
Yu-xiang TU
International Conference on Optics, Electronics and Communications Technology (OECT 2017) A Novel Approach Research on Chinese Language Model Fusion Based on RNN Abstract   PDF
Hui LIU, Wei WANG, Long WANG, Guang-lei ZHAO
International Conference on Service Science, Technology and Engineering (SSTE 2016) A Novel Cloud Evolutionary Strategy for Ackley's Function Abstract   PDF
Zi-Qiang LUO, Peng CAO, Bin WEN, Yu ZHANG
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