Communication Equipment Maintenance Decision Method Based on Equivalent Service Coefficient

Rui Guo, Yongjun Peng, Anping Wan


In order to solve the problems of time-consuming, laborconsuming and low accuracy of manual statistical calculation of maintenance interval in current communication equipment operation and maintenance management, a communication equipment condition based maintenance decision-making system based on real-time condition monitoring is proposed. Based on the actual operation status information data of communication equipment in the real-time database, the system uses the life prediction calculation method of communication equipment related components to calculate the service life (operation hours and startup times) under the current state, convert it into the equivalent service life under the benchmark operation conditions, and then compare it with the maximum maintenance life to predict the remaining life Based on the product of maintenance coefficient and service coefficient of line hours and startup times, the concept of equivalent service coefficient is proposed. According to whether the equivalent service coefficient of operation period and forecast period is equal, four maintenance decision-making models are established, and then the specific maintenance opportunity of communication equipment related components is determined.



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