Research on the Level of Urban Economic Development in Sichuan Province

Ting ZHANG, Rui DING, Yuan-hong QIU, Yi-ming DU, Tao ZHOU, Yi-lin ZHANG


This paper selects 21 cities and prefectures of Sichuan Province as the research object, adopts 12 comprehensive indicators, establishes a linear model through correlation analysis, carries out regression analysis to modify the model, and uses factor analysis and cluster analysis to study the level of urban economic development. The results show that the GDP of all regions in Sichuan Province has a strong correlation with the three indicators of total retail sales of social consumer goods, passenger volume, and urbanization rate, and plays a positive role in promoting the economic development of all cities in Sichuan Province. Chengdu ranks the highest in the comprehensive ranking of urban economic development level in Sichuan Province.


Economic Development, Sichuan Province, Cities, Relevance



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