Polydopamine Rapidly Deposited for Silver Nanoparticles Immobilization by Ultraviolet Radiation on Synthetic Leathers with Antibacterial Property

Xiao-hui ZHANG, Wei WANG, Dan YU


In this study, polydopamine was rapidly depositedon the surface of synthetic leathersby ultraviolet radiation.With the adsorption and reduction of polydopamine to silver ions,silver nanoparticles could in situ generateon the surface of pretreated synthetic leathers and impart syntheticleathers with antibacterial property.The reaction and the surface morphology of antibacterial synthetic leathers were characterized by scanning electronic microscopy, X-ray diffractionand energy dispersive spectrometer. Theantibacterial activity, thermal property and adhesionof antibacterial synthetic leatherswere also investigated. The antibacterial tests showthe bacterial reduction of 99.99% for gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria. After 30 cycles of washing, the antibacterial activity was 99.99% for gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria. The adhesion tests show that the antibacterial synthetic leathers reached 4H.The results demonstrate that silver nanoparticles were immobilized on the surface of antibacterial synthetic leathersand theantibacterialsynthetic leathers exhibitedeffective antibacterial property, adhesion and thermal stability.


Synthetic leathers, Antibacterial property, Ultraviolet radiation, Silver nanoparticles, Polydopamine



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