The Mechanical Properties of an Aluminium Composite with Different Carbon Fibre Content

Xiao-fang LIU, Ping LI, Zhong-xia LIU


Short modified carbon fibres (Cf) were applied to reinforce a 2024 aluminium alloy to investigate the effect of Cf content on the mechanical properties of an aluminium matrix composite. As Cf volume fraction increased, the composite had more pores and defects while Cf were distributed uniformly throughout and combined well with the matrix. Hot extrusion reduced pore and defect frequency, and made Cf aligned in the extruded direction. These factors, such as Cf volume fraction, distribution, interface combination with the matrix, pores and defects mainly induced by Cf adding, had a great influence on the mechanical properties of such aluminium matrix composites. In comparison with the matrix material, the elastic properties of the prepared composite were improved while its plasticity decreased. The results show that Cf surface modification, component control, and optimum heat treatment should be investigated further to improve the property of short Cf reinforced aluminium alloy composites.


Carbon fibre, Mechanical property, Aluminium matrix composite



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