Tribological Property of the Solid Lubricant Coatings Containing Kevlar Fibers

Yan-guo YIN, Guo-tao ZHANG, Dan LI, Qing-qin ZENG, Ding FANG


The bonded solid lubricant coatings containing kevlar fibers were prepared by spraying method. The effect of load on the tribological properties of coatings were experimentally investigated on a face-contact tribometer under dry friction condition. The results showed that adding appropriate Kevlar fibers will be contribute to improving the tribological properties of the coatings. The anti-friction, anti-wear performances and the loading capacity of the coatings were better when the mass ratio of fiber to binder is 3%. It was proved that an appropriate load is beneficial to improve migrating and expanding of the solid lubricants (graphite and MoS2) in the coatings matrix to the friction surface, which resulted in better self-lubricating properties. However, a higher load can cause the damage of the coatings and unstable running of the friction pairs.


Bonded coating, Self-lubricating, Kevlar fiber, Tribological property



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