Preparation of Vanillin Modified Poly(Vinyl Alcohol )/ Ag C omposite for Food Packaging

Lin CHENG, Ming-yue LIN, Qian TANG, Dai-wei ZHUANG, Ya-han WANG, Liang-qian FAN


Film packaging preservation method is a new simple storage preservation method introduced in recent years, the effect of film preservation depends mainly on the choice of film material composition and film- forming method. The results show that polyvinyl a lcohol/silver (PVA/Ag) composite film has some antibacterial properties, but it has not been reported to use this film for the preservation of agricultural products. Vanillin was used as crosslinker to improve the properties of the composites. The effect of crosslinker agent dosage, reaction time, film forming pH and film forming temperature were studied . The properties of PVA/Ag/V composite s were characterized by FTIR and XRD. The results show that the neutral reaction environment and the short reaction time are not conducive to the formation of hydrogen bonds in polymer materials with low crosslinker content.


Poly (vinyl alcohol), Vanillin modification, Composite, Food packaging



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