Effect of Y2O3 on the Properties of Laser Cladding Ni-based Alloys Layer

Yan-li LI, Jing-tao DAI, Dan-feng ZHANG, Hong-bo SU, Bing WANG


To improve surface properties of 30CrMnSi alloyed steel, rare earth Y2O3 + Ni35 alloy cladding layer was prepared on the surface of 30CrMnSi alloy steel by laser cladding. Microstructure and microhardness of the Y2O3 + Ni35 coatings were investigated, its corrosion resistance was studied and discussed, and a comparative study is Ni35 alloy cladding layer. The results show that the cracks, holes and inclusions in the coatings are reduced by the addition of 0.2% Y2O3, the grain becomes smaller, the uniformity of the microstructure improves, the hardness and corrosion resistance of the coatings increases. Electrochemical corrosion tests show that the self-corrosion current density of Ni35 with 0.8% Y2O3 cladding layer is the least, and the corrosion rate is the least. These shows the corrosion resistance of the Ni35 alloy cladding layer with 0.8% Y2O3 is the best.


Laser cladding, Properties, Microstructure, Microhardness, Corrosion resistance



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