Alternation Current Electrohydrodynamic Direct-write Micro/Nano Pattern on Insulate Substrate

Gao-feng ZHENG, Jia-xin JIANG, Xiang WANG, Wen-wang LI, Shu-min GUO, Juan LIU


Alternation Current (AC) electrical field is introduced into Electrohydrodynamic Direct-Write (EDW) to control the deposition of micro/nano structure on insulated substrate. Under the AC electrical field, the charge repulsive force was decreased and the stability of EDW jet was improved. The swing amplitude of charged jet decreased with the increasing of voltage frequency. The influence of the applied voltage frequency on printed structure was discussed. When the voltage frequency increased from 0Hz to 750Hz, the average line width increased from 18μm to 33μm. Then the stable straight jet was used to direct-write orderly pattern on insulated PET substrate. This work provides a novel way to break through the obstacle of inkjet printing technology in the fields of micro/nano manufacturing.


Electrohydrodynamic direct-write, Alternation current electrical field, Insulate substrate, Patterned deposition



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