Synthesis, Optical Physical Properties and Whitening Effect on Filter Paper of Novel Stilbene-ethyl Acrylate Derivatives as Fluorescent Brighteners

Mao-sheng WAN, Deng-yu XIE, Qing-an NONG, Li HUA, Yong-xiao ZHOU, Shu-ting HU


Two novel stilbene-ethyl acrylate derivatives were synthesized by a three-step condensation reaction. The optical physical properties of synthesized compounds I and II were confirmed by the analysis of ultraviolet absorption and fluorescence emission spectra. Compounds I and II showed efficient brightening and whitening effect on filter paper at four different concentrations as novel fluorescent brighteners compared to the untreated paper. They had better dyeing properties at a concentration of 0.2% for compound I and 0.25% for compound II, respectively.


Stilbene, Ethyl acrylate, Brightness, Whiteness, Optical physical properties



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