Study on Turquoise ’ s Green Color Grading and Quality Evaluation of Color Based on CIE1976 L * a * b * Uniform Color Space

Xue-ding WANG, Ying GUO, Xin ZHANG, Yue CUI, Jun TANG


Based on CIE1976 L * a * b * uniform color space, we quantitatively measure d 52 pieces of green turquoise about L * , a * and b * under illuminant D65. These colors were divided well into seven categories by Kmeans clustering analysis and the conseque n ce from ANOVA illustrated that there was evident difference among every category ’ s L * , a * and b * . By Fisher discriminant analysis to summarize the difference among various categories, every category ’ s L * , a * and b * were substituted into seven linear discriminant functions to verif y the accuracy of clustering. The accuracy was 98.1% and met requirement to turquoise green color grading . Combing with naked eyes ’ observation, turquoise ’ s green color was graded into seven levels for light and chroma, consisting of Fancy Vivid(FV), Fancy Intense(FI), Fancy Deep(FDe), Fancy(F), Fancy Dark(FDa), Fancy Light(FL), Light(L).


Turquoise, Color, Cluster analysis, disriminant analyisi, quality evaluation



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