Modeling and Testing on Material Removal Mechanism of Rotary Ultrasonic Machining

Lin-lin LI, Yong-wei ZHU


The technology of rotary ultrasonic machining is the combination of regular ultrasonic vibration and rotation motion. It applies a pre-load on the tool through tool head with an axial direction vibration and high rotation motion along with the ultrasonic system. The material removal mechanism of rotary ultrasonic machining, a model setup of efficiency on material removal and machining influence on different processing parameters are analyzed in this article. By comparing four different materials PZT Piezoelectric Ceramics, organic glass, glass steel and red cooper on single ultrasonic and rotary ultrasonic machining testing, the stabilization of machining process and efficiency of machining was analyzed on rotary ultrasonic machining as well. The testing proves that the rotation motion can significantly improve the ultrasonic machining efficiency on fracture toughness material.


Rotary Ultrasonic Machining, Material Removal Mechanism, Modeling, Testing



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