Investigation of Antibacterial Activity and Stability of the Polyphenol Crude Extract from Spinacia Oleracea

Fei-long SUN, Ya-ru YAN, Feng-juan WANG, Wei TANG


Plant polyphenols have drawn increasing scientific attention due to their multiple functions on health care. In this paper, the antibacterial properties and stability of the polyphenol crude extract from Spinacia oleracea were studied. The oxford cup method and the spread plate method were employed for the observation of antibacterial activity of spinach polyphenol against common pathogens. Results showed that the antibacterial activity of spinach polyphenol against Gram-negative bacteria was stronger than that of Gram-positive bacteria. In addition, the effects of pH value, temperature and NaCl concentration on the antibacterial stability of spinach polyphenol were also discussed. This study has a certain reference value for better research and utilization of plant polyphenols.


Spinacia oleracea, Polyphenols, Antibacterial activities



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