Study on Oil Spill Risks at STS Anchorage of Pearl River Estuary

Rong-chang CHEN


This paper discusses factors of two aspects deciding the risk level of spill accidents from ship to ship transfer (STS) at anchorage. The direct and indirect causes influencing the occurrence probability of an accident are studied and analysis is focused on the types of spilled oil that results in severe consequence after any spill accident, sensitivity of environment-sensitive resources to oil spillage and the impact level, and factors influencing the emergency response etc. With the Oilmap model, 600 random simulations were made on spill accidents that may possibly occur at the STS anchorage of Pearl River Estuary and the impact level of oil spill accidents on sensitive areas. On the basis of analysis on risk factors, predicted results and the characteristics of STS operations, risk prevention measures that can reduce the occurrence probability of oil spill and mitigate the accident consequences are proposed.


Pearl River Estuary, Ship to ship transfer, Oil spill, Risk



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