Industrial Noise in Measurement and Statistical Terms in Poland

Zbigniew Łukasik, Aldona Kuśmińska–Fijałkowska, Jacek Kozyra


The main sources of noise are activities related to machines, devices, means of transport and technological processes. In the event of exceeding permissible noise norm, an employer is obliged to adapt to specific safety rules. Otherwise, noise may have detrimental effects on human health. The attempts made by the European Union and Poland to coordinate the fight with noise is at an early stage. They include determination and standardization of methodology of measurement of noise in the EU, that is, examining the current state of acoustic climate and creating database and implementing instruments reducing noise. The authors of this article presented industrial noise in measurement and statistical terms. The results of the research on industrial noise during the daytime and at night and exceeding of permissible levels of noise expressed by the indicators LAeq D, LAeq N were presented in this article.


Industrial noise, Industrial plant, Noise measurements



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