Research on the Construction of Campus Security Information Platform

Zhenxing Chang, Zhihua Li, Bolong Lei, Tao Chen, Guanning Wang, Huijie Zheng, Na Ma


As an education base, colleges and universities provide a large number of excellent talents for the country and the society. Campus security is bound to be highly valued by all sectors of society. However, current campus security incidents occur frequently and often appear in the media at the first time, which is easy to arouse wide attention of the society and the government. Because of its particularity, universities will face greater challenges when security incidents occur. Taking Tsinghua University as an example, this paper discusses the construction of an information platform for comprehensive security on campus, so as to make up for the deficiencies of traditional civil air defense and physical defense, better guarantee the safety of all kinds of school personnel, and provide reference for other colleges and universities to build a comprehensive security information platform.



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