Investigation Report on the Present Situation of Subjective Well-being of Aged People in the Xianning City

Yanping Hong, Qili Yin, Biyun Zhang


Abstract Aim. To understand the subjective well-being of the elderly in Xianning City, explore the mental health of the elderly for our aging society to develop guidelines and policies to help the elderly to finish the happiness of the last journey of life. Method. Uses method which the questionnaire, the interview unify, selects Newfoundland Commemoration University Happiness Meter (MUNSH), carries on the investigation to the Xianning city 426 senior citizen. Result. 1) the Xianning city senior citizen to oneself present life felt as a whole, the overall subjective happy heart level is very satisfiedly high; 2) the Xianning city senior citizen's subjective happy heart in the years of schooling, the marital status, relates with the children on has the remarkable difference; 3) the different life style senior citizen in emotion PA, negative emotion NA, experience PE, in negative experience NE these four dimensions the difference is remarkable. Conclusion. The subjective well-being of seniors in Xianning City is in good condition. Their happiness is obviously affected by education level, marital status the relationship with children, life style and other factors.


Subjective Well-being; Pension Agency; The Elderly