Analysis on Chinese and Foreign Education Comparison and International Cooperation Opportunity from Cultural Linkage with the Perspective of Resources Integration

Li Zhen


This paper conducts the analysis on Chinese and foreign education comparison and the international cooperation opportunity from the cultural linkage with the perspective of the resources integration. The implementation of the cooperative education of production, teaching and research has the essential and internal connection with the implementation of the educational policy of our country, formulates the corresponding policies and regulations, and perfects the corresponding code of conduct and laws and regulations. On the other hand, it can ensure the effective development of the cooperative education while implementing the specific practice of educational policies. In the face of global open concept, in running a school, a high starting point, a high platform to cultivate strong comprehensive and high quality innovative talents as the most basic tenet and make to the rational skepticism, willingness to take risks, dare to fail, dare to independent thinking and imagination and talent. This research proposes the new solution to the challenge that will be meaningful.


Education Comparison, International Cooperation, Cultural Linkage, Resources Integration.