Analysis on the Usage of Renewable Resource in the Contemporary Municipal Construction Projects

AoJie Wang


Vigorously develop renewable energy and our response to the global energy resource constraints, environmental degradation and global warming is an important means. We consider the randomness of renewable energy, intermittent characteristics and the establishment of a new power adaptation planning and production simulation model of a high proportion of renewable energy development. Renewable energy is an important energy resource to meet the energy demand, improve energy structure, reduce environmental pollution and promote economic development has played a big role. In recent years, the rapid development of renewable energy and has achieved remarkable results, the development of renewable energy sources has become an important part of many national energy development strategy. We analyzed the development of renewable energy in existing problems, and put forward the corresponding countermeasures and suggestions, based on this, this paper prospects for the development of renewable energy in the future.


Renewable energy, construction engineering, sustainable development, environmental analysis.