Urban Parking Problem Analysis and Solving Countermeasures: Taking Xi’an as the Example

Weifeng Chen


In recent years, our country economy fast development, city automobile capacity likes mushroom growth. At the same time, stops the berth insufficient supply, but stops the order not to be able to obtain cities and so on standard to stop the difficult question along with the automobile expense market rapid development even more obvious. In this paper, Xi'an, for example, analysis of parking in Xi'an is the root cause of the number of motor vehicles and parking spaces in the imbalance between supply and demand and the public wrong parking concept and manner, while parking management system is not so difficult parking problems become more difficult to solve based on the relevant management practices, combined with the practical basis of the rational planning of parking facilities that increase the intensity of management penalties and innovative parking management measures.


Difficult to Stop; Adverse Effects; Countermeasures