Analysis on English Teaching Mode and the Analysis of Students' Fitness from the Perspective of Cognitive Science

Na Ni, Liming Wen


This paper conducts the analysis on English teaching mode and the analysis of the students' fitness from the perspective of cognitive science. The importance of English has been recognized by the whole society, the community's ability to use English in the expectation of the students is higher and higher, as both master professional knowledge and proficient in English compound talents more and more popular. Cognitive and other areas of education there is a mutual influence, and the relationship between each other. The most important factor that directly affects the education in the cognitive field is the student's emotional domain that namely the student's learning motivation, the learning interest and learning attitude. Within this condition, this paper proposes the novel idea on the English teaching mode which will promote the development of the subject.


English Teaching, Students' Fitness, Cognitive Science, Perspective.