Research on the Interactive Development of Basketball Course and Sports Teams in Colleges

Dan Zhang


In this context, in order to explore the College Basketball Teaching innovation, combined with the use of literature in college basketball teaching practice, we analyzed the Basketball Teaching, College Basketball proposed teaching content, teaching methods and new ideas evaluated. As the reform of college sports, sports has not only as a sports course, the new curriculum reform to give it a new mission, physical education began to advocate health education and lifelong education. Basketball is one of the most popular college sports curriculums, how college basketball curriculum reform to adapt to the new curriculum requirements, teaching curriculum of college basketball has an important significance. This paper analyzes the college basketball stage teaching problems and solves these problems made comments to promote the curriculum reform of college basketball. We discussed the current situation and problems of college basketball teaching objectives, content, forms, methods, evaluation, etc., in order to promote the deepening of reform of basketball teaching. Training students basketball comprehensive ability and autonomy are specific requirements of quality education curriculum reform of college basketball raised. College Basketball Teaching should abandon the traditional teaching mode, the establishment of "health first" guiding ideology of teaching in the process of transformation of common objects curriculum teachers, student body double, so that both the interest and technology have both, to impart knowledge, capacity and improve the quality of integration in sports reflects the multifunctional and further highlight its enhanced physical basis, so as to achieve fitness sport education to educational change, and ultimately self-training students to choose basketball and consequent lifetime.


school physical education curriculum; teaching reform;; Basketball Course Assessment; Students