Study on Hankou Digital Building Repair Technology

Xiaoqian Yang


In this context, traditional building crafts craftsman in artistic conception is under the control, use the appropriate tools or equipment, according to the ages, follow the way from raw material acquisition, manufacture components to install molding, to complete a postrenovation process technology; endangered intangible cultural heritage in urgent need of rescue and system protection. In this paper, the current status of our architectural heritage protection process, analyzes the significance of the protection framework and ideas, discuss their research methods to analyze the feasibility of building process aimed at promoting heritage protection process, to resolve the current architectural Heritage Protection the "lost technology" and "craftsman team fault," the urgent problem for protection policies provide reference formulation. On the building process is about building sophisticated cognitive system theory and principles and methods of generation, including: the principle of building technology, building technology system structure, and evolution of construction technology paradigm, Chinese modern architecture and sophisticated analysis of the problem 4 to improve its strategy part of a chain, the development of theory and practice in the field of architecture will have far-reaching significance. There is a neglect of traditional building technology issues in the protection of architectural heritage, traditional construction technology plays an important role in the building heritage protection system. Our architectural heritage protection from the perspective of the role of traditional Chinese architecture technology and explore effective ways to protect and respect their heritage.


traditional construction technology; architectural heritage; protected mode; framework; building