Implementation of the Intelligent Question Answering System Based on Remote Service Framework

Xiaoyi Yang, Junwu Xie, Yixiang Liu


Remote answering system of modern distance education system is an indispensable component. However, the current system is based on answering user input on the exam questions simple keyword matching, accuracy and query the user interface cannot meet the needs of users. We have designed a semantic network theory to build up intelligent answering system. We analyzed the necessity of establishing intelligent answering system, and presents a model of intelligent question answering system based on its technology defined areas, and two university computer courses as a source of knowledge to achieve the function of the system. The results show that the proposed method can improve the accuracy of the query, user-friendly and convenient. System Based on J2EE three-tier system, in the middle layer of the advanced MVC design pattern thought to achieve page display and business logic separation, improve system maintainability.


Remote service, intelligent systems, answering, intelligence research, human-computer interaction.